The Pros and Cons of Owning your own personal Home

Being safe and sound under a roof is among the basic rights of each and every individual. That is the key reason why there are so many those who have looked at having their very own house or apartment because, for them, home ownership simply means a fulfillment of a good dream. However, it can be a fact that some people have regretted buying their very own house and have thought that they ought to have just rented.

Indeed, buying your own personal house is among the major decisions that you will have in your life because, in time, you understand that you’ll require to possess the capability to pay your house. Whether you spend it in cash or whether you spend it monthly, home ownership is really a challenge.

So, here are generally the advantages and disadvantages of getting your own personal house.


When you have your own personal house, you take pride with it. It’s a fact that not totally all people are able to afford to possess their very own house or apartment especially in cities like Singapore. So, if you have your property, people think highly of you.

Moreover, when you have your property, most likely you already know how much you are due each month because you’ve fixed costs in regards to food, utilities, and monthly payment for the house. In the event that you compare it to people that are renting, there are chances that as time passes, rents may go higher with regards to the demand.

Lastly, you is likely to be paying lesser tax because home ownership is really a tax deduction. If this is actually the case, you won’t have to pay for much of your taxes.


When you have your own personal house, you will have to pay for this for a extended time. Some even have to pay for even if they’re already old. It’s a fact that should you choose to possess your own personal house, it is really a commitment that you’ve to handle for nearly a lifetime. And undoubtedly that should you own your house, the maintenance of everything, such as the repairs goes on you. In comparison to those who rent, the owner is the one in charge of this.

Lastly, you need to know that even if you have a fixed monthly payment, in most cases, renting remains cheaper compared to the fixed monthly payment of home ownership.

To sum up, home ownership is indeed something to be carefully thought about. You need to have considerations like your ability to pay for overtime, your job stability, and much more. It is very important to carefully read both advantages and disadvantages of home ownership before deciding because your final decision will surely change everything. Moreover, home ownership both have advantages and disadvantages, and if your home is in cities like Singapore, you are able to claim that the advantages have outweighed the disadvantages. Nothing beats owning your own personal house rather than renting. So, if you have finally decided to possess your own personal house, make sure that you’ve seriously considered this a hundred times because back in gout might not be possible.

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